ZR-600 Guard ID Tags Patrol Staff Identify Mark Label

Identify who is doing the rounds when there is more than one person using the patrol reader. You can distribute staff ID card to guards to distinguish who is on duty.Each staff ID card with a globally unique number code ,then you can name them at software with corresponding guards name. Staff ID card is carried by guard , before starting patrollig , swipe his guard ID card with patrol reader as login , then when arrived to each poinyt , just use patrol reader to swipe checkpoint directly, no need to scan staff ID card again . While browsing patrolling data,you will view clearly for each guards patrolling attendence.

Products Details

Working frequency          EM/TI tags Type                   Passive tag
Material ABS plastic material Service life          20 years
Color Black Performance Water-resistant
Dimension 55mm x 32mm x 10mm Working temperature -40℃ to 85℃
Net weight          30g  

Technical data

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